The Truth Behind Trenchless Pipe Lining Myths

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The Truth Behind Trenchless Pipe Lining Myths

There are several misconceptions surrounding trenchless sewer repair in Columbia, MO. Some people believe it involves a hefty price tag, while others think it’s just a band-aid solution. Because of these myths, many homeowners miss out on the benefits of trenchless methods. Read on as Brian Wear Plumbing sheds light on trenchless pipe lining myths below.

It’s Expensive

Despite what some people believe, trenchless sewer pipe line repair is a cost-effective method of restoring damaged pipes. In fact, it’s often cheaper than its traditional counterparts because it requires less amount of labor and materials.

It Doesn’t Involve Digging

While trenchless sewer line replacement is widely advertised as a “no-dig” solution, it technically involves some digging. It only requires digging at least two small holes that will serve as access points to your underground pipes. That means your surroundings remain intact throughout the process.

It’s Not As Effective As Other Methods

Trenchless sewer repair services are just as effective as traditional methods, with results lasting up to 50 years. They even offer better benefits. For instance, they are less disruptive and invasive and can be finished in a few hours. They are also environmentally friendly.

It’s Only Good for Spot Repairs

While trenchless pipe lining is mostly used for spot repairs, it’s also an effective method for restoring the entire pipeline. The epoxy-impregnated liner we use creates a new pipe within the existing pipe. It reinforces the sewer lines, offers protection against corrosion and intrusive tree roots, and restores them to better-than-new condition.

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