Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Upgrading to a Smart Faucet

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Smart home products have become increasingly popular in recent years. From refrigerators that remind you to buy eggs to thermostats that remember your preferred temperature settings, smart technology makes it possible to actually interact with your home. While some of this technology may be too gimmicky for the average homeowner, smart faucets have been available for several years and offer a number of advantages over traditional faucets.

What Are Smart Faucets?

Although smart faucets may include any number of features, they typically include programmable temperature controls and hands-free options. Hands-free or touchless faucets utilize motion sensors to know when to turn the water on or off. Faucets with thermostatic controls allow you to preset the temperature of your water so that it is always at your preferred temperature.

Three Benefits of Smart Faucets:

  1. Smart faucets are safer than traditional faucets since you never have to worry about the water being too hot. This is especially important in homes with young children or elderly family members who are at increased risk for scalding injuries.
  2. Smart faucets conserve water, which is good for your water bill as well as the environment. The water only flows when you actually need it, and you do not waste water waiting for it to get to the appropriate temperature. Depending on the model of faucet that you choose, you can reduce your water consumption by as much as 20 percent.
  3. Since faucets are located in the most bacteria-laden rooms of the home, they can be contaminated with everything from Salmonella to E. coli. Smart faucets are much more sanitary than traditional faucets since they eliminate the need for touching the faucet itself and typically have a sleek design that is easy to clean.

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