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Probably the most critical sign that alerts homeowners they need a new shower is when they determine they have had a leaky shower for some time, and strongly suspect they have mold growth in the internal structures behind the shower. If there is mold growth on the external parts of the shower, it can always be cleaned with an appropriate bleach solution. If the homeowner caught a leak in the shower head or other area fairly soon, they probably will not have an issue with internal mold growth. However, a leak that has been going on for some time can lead to a serious problem with mold that will not resolve on its own.

Another sign that homeowners need a new shower is if it is simply not meeting their needs anymore. As people age, they might be more comfortable in a shower that includes seating or perhaps a walk-in shower. Seniors want to retain their independence as much as possible and a shower that is safe and easily accessible will help them stay independent.

The third reason you might need a new shower is if you think it will hold you back from closing a sale if you are considering putting your house on the market soon. It’s no secret that many people are no longer satisfied with a functioning, but basic bathroom. Prospective home buyers typically find those homes that have spa-like, special features added to their bathrooms as more appealing.

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