Top Ways Hard Water Can Damage Your Plumbing System

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Top Ways Hard Water Can Damage Your Plumbing System

Hard water forms when the freshwater supplied into the homes contain a high concentration of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. These minerals may dissolve in water as it percolates into the earth’s surface while flowing into the aquifers. Brian Wear Plumbing, your top plumber in Hallsville, MO, discusses the different ways hard water can damage your plumbing system and how to deal with it.

Scale Buildups

Scale buildups is a common problem caused by the hard water on the water supply pipes. The minerals that come with hard water forms layers inside the pipeline, leading to issues such as clogs and reduced flow. When left neglected for too long, they may eventually block the pipes and cause them to burst, necessitating emergency plumbing repairs.

Spray Jets’ Blockages

When hard water passing through the spray jets on the shower heads and dishwasher spray arms can cause blockages, significantly reducing the effectiveness of these spray jets. One study by the Water Quality Research Foundation revealed that hard water causes clogged showerheads, reducing its efficiency by more than 75% after running hard water for about nine months. Hence, it is always good to seek plumbing services from Brian Wear Plumbing to ensure your showerheads and other spray jets function effectively.


When scale buildup caused by hard water is left untreated, you may start experiencing leaks on your piping systems. This also increases the pressure and stress on pipes and fixtures, causing them to fail sooner than expected. At first sight of leaks, get professional plumbing repairs right away to prevent them from causing damage.

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