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Installing a new shower head in your bathroom is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to make your daily shower a little more luxurious. While a traditional wall-mount shower head may be just fine for getting you clean, it’s nice to know that there are choices out there that can transform your hygiene routine!

Hand-Held Showers

With their long, 3- to 6-foot hoses, a hand-held shower can be mounted on the wall and used in conjunction with your convention wall-mounted shower head. Not only do they make rinsing your hair or washing your feet easier, they’re also great for rinsing down shower walls after scrubbing them clean.

If your shower has a bench, be sure to install your hand-held nozzle where you can reach it while sitting down. Hand-held showers are available with nice extras like twin-turbo massaging jets and different spray patterns.

Top-Mount Shower Heads

A regular wall-mount or hand-held shower will usually work with your existing plumbing, and if you’re handy, installing one can be a DIY project. Not so with top-mount shower heads, though. They’ll require a professional upgrade to your existing plumbing, but boy, are they worth it! Not only do they look super-stylish, but because they’re positioned directly over your head, you get the comfort of getting enveloped in the water flow. You can choose a traditional rain shower head, or if your budget allows, go for a model that offers a choice of spray patterns. Some even incorporate colored lights to set a soothing mood!

Body Sprays and Spa Shower Panels

For the ultimate luxury bathing experience, consider installing multi-spray shower panels to your shower stall. These are usually installed in vertical rows on opposite or adjacent walls, and provide a soothing water massage thanks to a crisscrossing water pattern. They’re usually used in conjunction with a wall-mounted or top-mounted shower head for a total spa experience. Needless to say, you’ll need some fairly extensive plumbing work to install these, so they’re usually an option that’s best when you’re doing a complete renovation.

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