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There are many ways to cut energy costs when doing laundry. You can switch to colder water cycles or save up dirty laundry for larger loads. Sometimes you can even save a shirt to wear a second time! These small changes can certainly save up. You can also save water and money by taking good care of your machines. Incorporate these maintenance tasks to keep your washing machine running efficiently.

Clean Inside the Washing Machine

At first, this seems unnecessary. After all, the machine runs, and the insides clean your clothes. Surely, it’s staying clean internally. However, all the nooks and crannies need a bit of manual help, especially if water splashes in certain areas. Regularly wipe down corners where you see lint and fuzz start to accumulate, so fibers can’t work their way down into the internal gears and moving parts of the machine.

You should also routinely clean out the detergent dispenser. Sometimes the liquid or powder soap doesn’t entirely disperse, and water doesn’t completely rinse it out. After time, it can develop mold. This can build up, and it can start to break down clothing fibers. The soap can also harden and start to clog up water and drain lines, which can lead to even costlier repairs.

Look for Leaks

Every appliance eventually develops problems, and keeping an eye out for early warning signs can prevent escalation. Regularly check behind the machine for small puddles and signs of moisture. An easy way is to hang a small adjustable mirror above the machine that you can point at the floor. Most small leaks are signs of a worn gasket or hose. These can easily be fixed at low costs, if noticed early. Also consider replacing all rubber hoses with sturdier hoses to prolong machine life and functionality.

Prevention is always cheaper and more water-efficient than repairs. For more water efficiency tips and more information on how to keep your washing machine in good working order, contact us today.

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