What is a Water Recirculation Pump and How Will It Save Me Money?

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Have you ever noticed how hot water seems to flow almost instantly out of some of your faucets, but other faucets you have to wait what seems like forever before any hot water comes out? As you wait, you can’t help but wonder about how much water you are wasting as you watch it flow down the drain.

The faucets, shower heads, etc. closest to your water heater will always provide you with hot water faster since the hot water coming from your water heater, literally has less pipe it needs to travel through. Those faucets farthest away from your water heater simply have more pipe which hot water has to go through in order to reach its destination.

If you are often frustrated waiting for hot water to come out from many of your faucets, then you need a water recirculation pump. There are several different types of recirculation pumps, but essentially the pumps work to provide instant hot water to faucets, shower heads and the like. This means you don’t have to spend time waiting for your water to heat up just so you can wash your hands and you can save money on your water bills because you will use less water.

There are a variety of different pumps available. Some install underneath the faucet farthest away from your water heater, whereas other pumps install on the hot water line coming from your heater. Some pumps have programmable timers on them so you can deliver hot water more quickly when you think you’re most likely to need it.

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