When Should I Replace My Home’s Sump Pump?

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A sump pump is one of those things that you probably don’t think much about it. Not until the sump pump fails and floods the basement, do many homeowners finally give some thought to what is ultimately a very important device in their home.

Just as with other plumbing fixtures, there are different levels of quality when it comes to sump pumps. Some lower-end models only have a one-year warranty, whereas other models may have a three or five-year warranty. If you know your pump is reaching the end of its warranty, perhaps you should consider replacing your sump pump.

Factors to Consider

If your warranty is expiring, but your pump seems to be working and you are coming into a season that is typically dry, then you might be able to delay getting a new pump for a few months. Conversely, if your warranty is still valid but will reach its end soon, and you will soon be facing what is typically a very wet season for your whereabouts, you might want to consider getting a new pump in order to prepare for the upcoming rainy weather or snow melt.

If you spend a lot of time worrying about your sump pump and wondering if it will fail for one reason or another, consider asking a plumber to install a battery-operated backup sump pump. Backup sump pumps are great for when the power goes out or when your regular sump pump fails for one reason or another. A backup pump can sense when your regular pump fails, regardless of the reason, and it will take over and pump out the incoming water. Backup pumps will also alert you when they take over so you know your regular pump is not functioning properly and needs service or there is a power interruption.

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