Why did water leak in my house when I ran my garden hose?

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   It’s the time of year when we use our outside faucets for the first time after the long winter. Unfortunately sometimes this results in the situation above.  The answer?… your faucet froze over the winter. The cause?…usually i would say you forgot to remove your hose before it got cold, however it could also be improper installation. I say this because every year I have people swear up and down they removed their hoses and they still burst.

     The good news is once you discover the leak as long as you don’t turn the faucet on it won’t leak anymore. The bad news is if the hydrant is in a wall a hole will have to be cut in it in order to replace it. This is not really a do-it-yourself project, best to call a professional.

     So the first time you use your sillcock this spring it’s a good idea to go inside to look and listen for a leak before you have a flood on your hands. If you do leave it off and call me to schedule an appointment.

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