Why is Your Water Heater Making a Popping Noise?

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Ever hear your hot water heater make a popping or bubbling noise? That noise is caused by a buildup of sediment and could eventually cost you a pretty penny in the long run if not resolved quickly and correctly.

Sediment buildup occurs when minerals such as calcium and magnesium carbonate in water settle and coat the bottom of your water heater. This issue occurs more frequently in areas that have hard water (water that contains a large amount of minerals). When sediment coats the bottom of the water heater, a small amount of water gets trapped underneath. When this small amount of water gets overheated by the burner, bubbles escape from the sediment and make popping sounds as they move around inside the hot water heater.

When you hear those popping noises, it can be a sign that your hot water heater is struggling to heat the water. The unnecessary energy expended to heat the water could cause a spike in your utility bills. Sediment buildup can also cause other problems including overheating and tank damage.

The good news is that sediment can be removed from your hot water heater by a flushing process. Flushing involves draining your water heater and removing any sediment inside. Generally, it is good practice to flush your water heater once or twice a year.

While flushing your water heater is something that you can do yourself, many homeowners prefer professional to do the job. A professional can ensure that all mineral deposits and sediment buildup have been completely removed and to do it safely. They can also perform an inspection of the tank at the time of flushing to ensure there are no other potential issues. If your hot water heater is making popping sounds, don’t delay. Contact us today for trusted, professional, friendly plumbing assistance.

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