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Low water pressure is one of those issues that doesn’t seem that bad until you actually experience it. One doesn’t realize how much a good flow of water makes daily activities easier and faster, until the day comes when it takes forever for the washing machine to fill, a shower takes twice as long and baths for the kids are basically out of the question.

Convenient access to water is just one of the reasons why water pressure problems are worth fixing. If the water pressure in your home is slow, it could be a signal there is an issue either somewhere in your home or perhaps with the connection to your city water lines. If your water pressure is low, the first thing you should do is check your pipe valves, starting with the main shutoff valve. Sometimes after plumbing work, the valves do not get turned all the way back on, resulting in low pressure.

If you have a water filtration unit, perhaps someone forgot to turn the nearby valves back on after changing the filter cartridge. In other cases, some homeowners might try to use a filter cartridge that is less expensive, but does not fit the filter unit correctly. Using the wrong size cartridge might save a few pennies, but it may also result in low water pressure. Older plumbing pipes are also known to cause low water pressure, due to build-up over the years inside the pipes. Low water pressure can be a signal you need new pipes.

Lastly, you’ll want to fix low water pressure issues in order to use your toilet. Low water pressure means your toilet does not have the pressure it needs to perform a proper flush. This increases the likelihood your toilet will back up regularly, since waste material is not able to properly exit your pipes.

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